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Wheel rim lock? Wheel lock! Or maybe an anti-theft wheel lock? So, where’s the difference? 
People use different names for wheel bolts or nuts with a special coding on the head, which can only be opened with a particular key. Whatever the name used, it always means the same, a special protection, which helps secure your valuable alloy wheels from theft. We have summarized the five most frequently asked questions on this page for you.  Below the corresponding question you will find some information and useful tips. Or you can contact our customer service on 00800 25 99 34 00 or by email to 

Wheel lock key lost, what to do?
The easiest way to order a McGard replacement key is via our web shop: By entering the 8/9 or 17/18-digit coding number, which can be found on the installation instructions for the relevant McGard wheel lock set, you can easily order the right replacement key online.
Lost the key and the code card for the McGard wheel locks, what to do?
Please send an email to our customer service. The e-mail should contain the following information: - A digital photo of the wheel lock (frontal from the coding groove) and car brand/model.
How many replacement keys can I reorder?
A maximum of two replacement keys may be ordered. Ideally, leave one key in the car and keep the other in a safe place at home. Tip: order a key pouch with your wheel locks. Safe storage right next to the on-board tools guarantees that the key can be found immediately if needed.
How long does it take to deliver a replacement key?
Thanks to our extensive stock of replacement parts, we can process and ship all orders within 24 hours (Monday-Friday). That is why most vehicle manufacturers put their trust in the outstanding customer service of McGard. You can find more information about delivery times in our dispatch conditions.
Where can I buy McGard products?
McGard products are available in selected distribution shops or via our online shop If you are a distributor and would like to sell our products, please contact us via email at
How do I find the right McGard wheel locks for my vehicle?
The McGard Configurator on our homepage lets you find the right anti-theft wheel lock quickly and easily. Once you have selected your vehicle model and the brand of your alloys, the part number you are looking for appears at the bottom. Note: If you are using special modifications or wheel spacers, please enter the original bolt size when searching for your anti-theft wheel lock.
What is the difference between SU, SL, SUB and Tuner?
All variants of our wheel locks serve to protect your rims and tires against theft. Our SU wheel locks impress with a special chrome coating on the bolt head or on the entire surface of wheel lock nuts. SUB technically corresponds to the properties of our SU product range, but on the contrary is characterized by a black powder coating. Our wheel locks from the SL product range have another security component: it is a rotating ring on the head of the wheel lock. This ring rotates when trying to grab the wheel lock with a tool. To meet even the most exclusive demands of the aftermarket, we have developed our Tuner wheel locks. This can be used for rim types that have a narrow rim hole diameter. The diameter of the wheel lock and the corresponding key has been reduced so that it can also be used for special applications.
Are there plastic caps for the McGard anti-theft wheel locks?
McGard does not offer plastic caps for your own security. If a thief does not immediately notice the McGard wheel locks, because they are covered with plastic caps, and he starts to open the normal wheel bolts or nuts, he won’t reinstall them after having determined that the car is protected with wheel locks. This can be very dangerous for you, as you surely do not check every day if the wheel bolts or nuts are tightened. If you have black wheel bolts or nuts or caps, you can use our black wheel locks we developed for you.
How do I install and remove my McGard wheel lock?
Under Customer Service you will find the information you need and a demonstration video on how to install and remove your McGard wheel lock.
What torque should I tighten my McGard wheel locks to?
McGard wheel locks should be tightened to the torque recommended in the vehicle manual. To prevent the key supplied from slipping or tilting, please apply axial pressure to the torque wrench. You can find further helpful information in our installation and removal video..
How do I open an overtightened wheel lock?
You can find a helpful video on this in our customer service area.
Do all McGard wheel lock kits include the same key adapter?
No, there are a variety of key codes and this is exactly why you will find an individual code card in the packaging. This card contains an 8/9 or 17/18 digit code number which you can then use to registerli with McGard to be able to order a replacement key if required.
What payment methods are available to me?
We offer you various payment options to make it as convenient as possible for you. This includes: - PayPal - Credit card - Sofortüberweisung (DE, AT)
How long does the delivery take?
Your order will normally be processed on working days (Monday - Friday) within 24 hours. You can find an overview of the average delivery times here. Furthermore, all deliveries are delivered with a DHL tracking number. The shipping status can thus be looked up at any time.
How much are the shipping costs?
The shipping costs are displayed in the shopping cart. They vary according to the country of delivery and can be found in our dispatch conditions at any time.
Can my order incur additional costs?
McGard does not charge any additional costs. For deliveries within the EU, there are normally no additional fees. Deliveries to non-EU countries may incur additional duties, taxes and fees that are not charged by McGard.
Can I track my shipment?
Yes! All deliveries are sent with a DHL tracking number, which you will automatically receive by email with every order on the day of dispatch.
What does a wheel lock set or a wheel installation kit contain?
A set of wheel locks includes 4 wheel locks, a key, installation instructions and a code card. Each wheel is secured with a wheel lock. A wheel installation kit contains 16 wheel fasteners (wheel bolts or wheel nuts), 4 wheel locks, a corresponding key, installations instructions and a code card.
How do I return an item?
If you want to return an item, send our customer service an e-mail to .
What do I do in case of a complaint?
Warranty and liability claims can be found in our general terms and conditions §5. In the event of a complaint, please contact our customer service by email at
What can I do in case of late delivery or a delay?
You can check the status of your delivery using the DHL tracking number. If anything is unclear, please contact our customer service by email at
Where can I find my key code?
The key code is on the code card in the installation instructions.
Has McGard received my order?
As soon as you have completed the ordering process, you will receive an order confirmation at the email address you provided. Please also check the spam folder of your email inbox. Before completing your order, please ensure that the e-mail address provided does not contain any typographical errors. If you have not received a confirmation, please send an email to our customer service: