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You can expect more from us than just delivery of your goods!


With all the security that McGard offers you and your vehicle, there is one thing that is indispensable: a fully functioning customer service department. What happens when you can’t find your key? 


Thanks to our extensive stock of replacement parts, we can process and ship all orders within 24 hours. That is why most vehicle manufacturers put their trust in the outstanding customer service of McGard. 


Your replacement key will be delivered with a DHL tracking number. With shipment tracking, you can view the status of your delivery at any time.


Our customer service also offers advice and assistance if you have any questions about wheel locks, lug bolts, lug nuts or our marine anti-theft locks


Contact our customer service by sending an email to 

Replacement key order

Can't find the key for your wheel lock or would you like to purchase an additional key? Regardless of whether you are a dealer or a private person, you will receive your replacement key quickly and easily from us. All you need is the code for your wheel lock, which you can find on the code card of your wheel lock set. 

Lost code card?

Key registration

To ensure a quick and smooth replacement if you lose the wheel lock key and/or the code card, you can register your key on our website. Your personal data will then be stored in our database together with your wheel lock code. This means that a replacement can be quickly provided if necessary.



Important: Before installing the wheel lock, please always check that the McGard wheel lock has the same thread, seat, and shaft/overall length as the original nut/bolt! 

Notice: Do not use an impact spanner as this can damage the McGard wheel lock/key and your vehicle. After the first 50 km, please retighten the McGard wheel lock to the torque specified in your vehicle’s manual using a torque wrench.

Remove one original wheel nut/wheel bolt from each wheel of your vehicle. When changing a wheel at a later stage, always remove the wheel lock as the first nut/bolt and install it as the last nut/bolt.

Install a McGard wheel lock by hand on each wheel. Make sure that the key pattern is firmly and securely engaged into the designated lock pattern.

Using the key provided and a torque wrench, tighten each McGard wheel lock with the torque specified in your vehicle’s manual. Apply axial pressure on the torque wrench to prevent the key provided from slipping or jamming. Turn the wheel by hand to check whether it rotates freely and without impediment.

So that you can access your key in the event of a wheel change, we recommend that you keep your key, the original nuts/bolts for your vehicle, and these installation instructions (with your personal code number) in the resealable packaging in a safe place in your vehicle.

Fitting of a McGard wheel lock

Removal of a McGard wheel lock

Removal of an over-tightened McGard wheel lock