Wheel Locks? Wheel Locking Nuts!

…….or else Security Bolts?

People use different names for wheel bolts or nuts with a special coding on the head, which can only be opened with a particular key. Whatever the name used, it always means the same, a special protection, which helps secure your valuable alloy wheels from theft.

We have summarized the five most frequently asked questions on this page for you.

Below the corresponding question you will find some information and useful tips.

1. How can I find the correct McGard wheel lock for my car?

With the help of the McGard configurators on our homepage you can very easily and quickly find the correct wheel locks.

Once you have entered your car brand and the brand of your rims, the part number you have to use appears below.

Important note: when using special reconstructions or spacers, please find the correct wheel lock using of the measurements of your original bolt or nut.

2. With which torque do I have to tighten the wheel lock?

The wheel locks should be tightened with the provided key and a torque details featured in your vehicle's manual.

You can find further information in the installation instruction.

3. Are the same keys used in all wheel lock kits?

No, McGard are using hundreds of different codes which can hardly be distinguished with the naked eye.

4. What can I do if my key gets lost or damaged?

You can order a replacement key from our onlineshop very easily.

Please find further information at: Customer Service.

5. Do you offer plastic caps for the McGard wheel locks?

McGard does not offer plastic caps for your own security. If a thief does not immediately see the wheel locks, because they are covered with plastic caps, and he starts to open the normal wheel bolts or nuts, he won’t reinstall them after having determined that the car is protected with wheel locks. This can be very dangerous for you, as you surely do not check every day if the wheel bolts or nuts are tightened.

If you have black wheel bolts or nuts or caps, you can use our black wheel locks we developed for you.